On about 15th October 1956 nearly 100 spotty faced youths arrived at Royal Air Force Cosford from all parts of the world to begin 18 months training in the trade of Telegraphist. The next day, October 16th, the oath was taken and attestation forms completed and signed, under the watchful eyes of Attesting Officer Fltlt Ryan. Some fell by the way, either CT'd, sent to other training stations or opted to continue their training with the 30th Entry. At the termination of training 28 fully fledged Telegraphists passed out on 25th March 1958 and were posted to various RAF stations in UK. They continued to serve for 9 or 12 years and some even longer, making the RAF their career, achieving Senior NCO/WO rank and  at least one commisioned officer amongst us! The object of this web site is to find more of our comrades and share our experiences with them.

(I must add this is my first attempt to compose a web site so be patient, having trouble with some of the photos.) 



Front Row l-r Adrian Vernoli - Steve Thompson - Jimmy Cunningham - Tony Witt - Cpl Foster - Cpl Joliffe - F/S 'Ben' Gunn - F/O Derek Edwards - Fltlt Mc Cullagh - Sqnldr Tate - P/O Mitchell - FlgOff Robson - F/S Kimm - F/S 'Nobby 'Hall - Sgt Rudge - Tam Keay - Louis Patterson - Larry Lomas - Tony Burslem - Ken Callaghan

Second Row l-r Les Catton - Keith Brooks - Bristow - Robert Hyde - 'Noddy' Cooper - Tony Giles - Tony White - 'Taff' Barrell - Andy Spencer - Garry Kilworth - Colin Preece - Cox - Armitage - 'Ginger' Matthew

Third Row l-r Burke - English - 'Digger' Cole - Bob lewis - John Freeman - John Flory - Johnnie Topham - 'Jock' Guthrie - John Plimmer - Vic Forrest - Geoff Talbot - Ken Poole - Ian Evans - Taylor - Alan Cake - Ken Brine - Mick Sharp - Doug Jones - Harry Hughes - Pat Smith - Ron Burton

Back Row l-r Frank Fisher - John Duke - John Chidlow - Geoff Mann - Mick O'Leary - 'Slash' Roberts - John Usher - Ted Langdale - Dave Walklate - Ralph Thomas - Max Williamson - Adams - Goodman - Brian Pike - Mick Timbrell - Brian Sperrin - 'Barney' Shaw - Roger Locke - Roy Dolan

29th Entry 1 Squadron - 16th October 1956 - 25th March 1958