Keay, Patterson & Burslem with Keates looking on.

Mann(28),Matthew(28), King, Skinner(28),Keates, Roberts(28), Kilworth, Burslem, Keay - amongst others.

John Chidlow & Bob Nottage

Terry Hibbert (30/31st) Bob Nottage - 'Ginge' Craig - 'Geordie' Johnson, Derek Youell, 'Jock' Anderson

Remember F/Sgt Boy Witt ?

John & Bob at a BEACHAT reunion.

Talbot, Sperrin, Dolan, Mann, Shaw, Hughes, Matthew, Roberts. Timbrell - Usher - Cake

Remember these every Xmas ?

Sperrin, Storr(?), Williams, Kilworth, Burslem, Shaw, Owen, Hughes & Holroyd (?) kneeling.

Standing - Timbrell, Cake, Locke, Williams, Rule, Dolan, Talbot, Hughes, Shaw. Front - Matthew, Patterson, Preece, Usher, O'Leary, Mann

John Usher & Louis Patterson Nicosia 60-62

Usher & Fogden Odiham 1959

'Barney' Shaw

John Fogden-Paul Roberts-'Jock' Mowatt amongst others.

Tam Keay

Higgins Shield

29th 50 Year All Entries. Photo taken in front of the Boy Entrant monument at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. George McGregor(AWM),John Collins(AWM), John Usher(Teleg), Tony Giles(Cook), Bob Carmichael(AWM), Tony Durkin(Supplr), Bob Lewis(Cook), Stan Hampson(AWM), Tony Witt(Cook)

RAF Upavon Flight Watch radio room.

Double exposted photo. Above Harry, John U, Tam, Colin Preece, Ginge Matthew. Sgt Rudge, Geoff Talbot, Alan Cake, Ron Burton, Brian Sperrin, Harry Hughes, Slash(?), Roy Dolan, Geoff Mann, Barney Shaw. Below Timbrell, John U, Ginge Matthew, Colin Preece & Tam's head.

Could it be John Duke ? - and ?

'Ginger' Craig ? and...

Louis Patterson

Stu Usher - Teleg for a few weeks then remustered to Photo.

Garry in Singapore

Garry, John Chidlow & Johnny Ball taken at Changi Swimming Pool.

Mick Rule in Gan

Another Gan photo. with Mick Rule, thanks to Garry !!

Back left to right: Timbrell, Reg Kent, Alan Gaffney, Taff Jenkins, B.Hobson, K.Keays, Tam Morrison, Keith Feathersone, Robert Skinner. Front left to right. Richard Fixter, Dave Cox, Geoff Hamson, M.Hughes, Cliff Ellis, D.Kirkwood.

31st Telegraphist ?

Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park

You are on a fizzer laddie !!!

Smoking Pass Request

TG11 Dinner

Ron Scott, Paul King, Dave Keates, George Bryant, John Storr, Ron 'Ginge' Burton & Mac Rigby, thanks to John Storr.

What I think is the 30th passout photo ? Will see if i can install zoom facilities!

A group of posers on Famagusta beach 1960 - Ron Scott, Brian Sperrin, Harry Hughes, Paul King, front John Storr & Mac Rigby.

Paul, Harry, Dave, John S, George Bryant + two unknown - Digby 1959

Vic Foster, Stuart Jack, Frankie Fisher, Ken Coates, Mac Rigby - John Fogden, Jeff Limback(?), Ron Scott, Dorset, John Storr.

Some of us had the pleasure of returning from Cyprus late 1962 on this vessel (Nevasa) - her last voyage as a troopship !!

Recent photo. of Tony Burslem.

Ken Wright

Get a surprise when he drives off !!

Dolan, Locke, Rule, O'Leary