Cosford Magazine Vol 5 Number 2

Passing Out Review 29th Entry Tuesday March 25th 1958

The Reviewing Officer was Air Vice Marshal J. G. W. West, C.B., O.B.E. (Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Signals) Air Ministry), who was accompanied by Air Vice Marshal D. Spreckley, C. B., O.B.E. (Air Officer Commanding No.24 Group), and Air Commodore R. Harston, B.A. (Commandant No.2 School of Technical Training). THE REVIEW The Passing Out Review consisted of an inspection by the Reviewing Officer of No.29 Entry of Boy Entrants, followed by ceremonial drill and a march past. They were supported by Boy Entrants of No.30 Entry and the Boy Entrants' Trumpet and Pipe Bands.
No officer, non-commissioned officer or airmen took part in the parade which was entirely under the control of the following Boy Entrants. Parade Commander 1932598 FIt. Sgt/B/E. Witt, A. R. Parade Warrant Officer 1932553 FIt. Sgt/B/E. Forrester, L. No.1 Flight Commander 1932744 Cpl/B/E.Cunningham, J.R. No.2 Flight Commander 1931735 Sgt/B/E.Boulton, C. C. No.3 Flight Commander 1932157 Sgt/B/E. Stephenson, C.E. No.4 Flight Commander 1932527 Cpl/B/E. Nugent, W. R. Supporting Entry Commander 1933387 Cpl/B/E. Leeds, S. C. Trumpet Band - Senior Drum Major (No.1 Wing). 1932726 L/B/E. Shaw, R. J. Drum Major (No.2 Wing). 1933184 L/B/E. Bridge, J. Senior Trumpet Major (No. 1 Wing). 1932721 B/E. Gelsthorpe, D. W. Trumpet Major (No.2 Wing). 1933290 B/E. Usher, I. B. Pipe Band - Drum Major 1932622 B/E. Stephen, A. G. Pipe Major. 1932731 B/E. Collins, C. A. Standard Bearers 1932692 Sgt/B/E. Barnes. L.

No. 29 ENTRY The boys of No.29 Entry, having been accepted in their trades as Radio Mechanics, Cooks, Telegraphists, Photographers, Clerks General Duties, Clerks Accounting and Suppliers under training, joined the Royal Air Force in October, 1956. A number of boys have been transferred from the Entry and to or from other Entries, through sickness or insufficient progress in their trade. A number have left the Entry, including twenty four who gained Apprenticeships to the Royal Air Force Apprentice Schools. A total of 238 sat the Final Education Examination with the following results:
Qualified for promotion up to Sergeant, Senior Technician and for training in categories of aircrew: 2. Qualified for promotion up to Corporal and Corporal Technician: 202. Still to Qualify: 34.
A total of 251 took the Final Trade Test Board with the following results;
Qualified to Senior Aircraftsman (L.A.C. then S.A.C. after six months):156. Qualified to Aircraftsman First Class: 58. Recommended for further training: 28. Failed to Qualify: 9. The Entry has taken a full and active part in many hobbies and handicrafts, including sailing, horse riding and amateur dramatics, which are some of the varied activities provided at Cosford.
The Entry has been well represented in all sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which is a vital part of our youth training, and before leaving here, a number will have qualified for their second series Silver Standard.
Boys of the Entry were included in the Boy Entrant Trumpet and Pipe Bands, which have appeared on many civic and service parades. At the Hastings Inter-Service Junior Band Contest the Trumpet Band was third, being beating only by two professional bands.
SPORT At Sport the Entry has been extremely successful, and at all times has maintained the fine tradition of sportsmanship at Cosford.
The Entry has been fully represented in all the Inter-Squadron and Inter-Wing teams. Many of the boys have represented the School against other Military and Civilian teams and have thus carried their school colours.
Captain of Sports: Sergeant Boy Entrant Keay. R. A.
Captain of Games is Sergeant Boy Entrant Keay, R. A. of No. 1 Squadron who has regularly led the school Rugby team and has at all times displayed outstanding qualities of leadership on and off the rugby field and set a splendid example in keenness and enthusiasm to all followers of rugby in the entry.
Swimming Boy Entrants Edmunds, Loveitt and Spencer.

Soccer Sergeant Boy Entrant Stephenson, Corporal Boy Entrant Crowl and Boy Entrant Walker.

Cycling Boy Entrant Evans.

Basketball Corporal Boy Entrant Forrester and Boy Entrants Collins and Hook.

Boxing Leading Boy Entrants Williams, Lubeck and Boy Entrants Brooks, Doherty, Fisher, Hill, Peacock, Rule and Whitehouse.

Rugby Sergeant Boy Entrant Keay, Corporal Boy Entrant Morgan and Boy Entrants Barrell, Collins, Harding, Peacock and Slack.

Hockey Leading Boy Entrant Fowles and Boy Entrants Chidlow, Clarke, Guthrie and Wilson.

Shooting Corporal Boy Entrant McKay, Leading Boy Entrants Cannadine and Eastlake and Boy Entrant White.

Cross Country Boy Entrants Jones, Thomas and Talbot.

Badminton Boy Entrant Hill.

Athletics Leading Boy Entrant Burslem and Boy Entrants King, Talbot and Ventress.

Cricket Boy Entrants Coulthard, Lewis and Menezies.

PRIZEWINNERS Selected as Head Boy of the School and awarded the Victor Groom Ceremonial Stick 1932598 Flight Sergeant Boy Entrant Witt, A. R. (Cook II).

1. First in Order of Merit 1932795 B/E. Robinson, R. C. (Supplier II).

2. First in General 1932598 Flight Sergeant Boy Entrant Service Efficiency Witt, A. R. (Cook II).
3. Second in General 1932157 Sgt/B/E. Stephenson, C. E. Service Efficiency (Clerk General Duties).

4. Third in General 1931735 Sgt/B/E. Boulton, C. C. Service Efficiency (Air Radar Mechanic)

5. Fourth in General 1932610 Sgt/B/E. Keay, R. H. Service Efficiency (Telegraphist II)

6. First in Education 1932840 B/E. Loveitt, R. J. (Supplier II).

7. Second in Education 1932762 B/E. Cake, A. R. W. (Telegraphist II).

8. Third in Education 1932618 Cpl/ B/E. Williams, R. (Telegraphist II)

9. Fourth in Education 1932745 B/E. Freeman, J. A. M. (Cook II).

BEST TRADESMEN First Ground Wireless Mechanic 1932782 B/E. Roberts, T. G. Second Ground Wireless Mechanic 1932776 B/E. Spence, M. G. First Telegraphist II 1932762 B/E. Cake, A. R. W. Second Telegraphist II 1932618 Cpl/B/E. Williams, R First Photographer II 1932486 B/E. Cooper, M. R. First Supplier II ... 1932795 B/E. Robinson, R. C. First Air Wireless Mechanic 1932707 B/E. Wear, J H First Cook II ... 1932600 B/E. Giles, A. F. First Clerk General Duties 1932757 B/E. Keep, L. C. First Clerk Accounting 1932822 B/E. Wilson, D. G. First Air Radar Mechanic... 1932652 B/E. Milton, A. T. Second Air Radar Mechanic 1932090 Cpl/B/E. Ransford, J. V.
Qualified for immediate promotion to Senior Aircraftman by virtue of general all round ability.
1932505 B/E. Halliday, D. F., Air Radar Mechanic. 1932737 B/E. Doherty, S. F., Ground Wireless Mechanic. 1932586 B/E. Scaife, R. D., Ground Wireless Mechanic. 1932762 B/E. Cake, A. R. W., Telegraphist II. 1932757 B/E. Keep, L. C., Clerk General Duties. 1932848 L/B/E. Stanton, M. P., Clerk General Duties. 1932822 B/E. Wilson, D. G., Clerk Accounts. 593207 L/B/E. Winter-Goodwin, C. J., Clerk Accounts 1932840 B/E. Loveitt, R. J., Supplier II. 1932795 B/E. Robinson, R. C., Supplier II 1932838 B/E. Taunton, A. H., Supplier II