Reunion 2006

29th Entry Teleg Reunion, Rutland 27th/28th October 2006

A 29th Entry Telegraphists Boy Entrants Reunion took place at the Whitwell Hotel & Conference Centre Rutland 27/28 October. The reunion was organised to celebrate 50 years since enlistment in October 1956. Twenty 'Boys' attended, many of which had not met since completing their training in March 1958.

The function was held over two evenings, the first evening for a few drinks and the second evening for a formal dinner. 'Boys' attended from afar - one travelling from Norway, one from Portugal, and another conducting the long journey from Inverness. We also enjoyed a Conference Telephone call from Melbourne, Australia from Paul Roberts.

A wonderful evening was enjoyed, chaired by Senior Boy Eddie Owen followed by speeches from Sgt Boy Tam Keay and Boy Entrant Mac Rigby - Mac regaled us with a potted history of his astonishing 49 years career, mostly served with 51 Squadron.

Within our midst was the notable attendance of Garry Kilworth who, following some 12 years service exited the RAF to become a distinguished author with several successful books such as The Highlander and also his Fancy Jack Crossman series.


Mike Ormiston
Colin, Tam, John S. Paul & Dave
Mac, Harry, Brian & John S.
Tony Burslem, Bob Nottage, John Chidlow
John C - John U
Tony, Brian & Willie