29th Telegraphists Reunion October 1st/2nd 2010

On the 1st & 2nd October 2010 the 29th Entry Telegraphists held their second reunion - the first reunion having taken place in 2006.

The venue on this occasion was the impressive Scalford Hall near Melton Mowbray, Leics. The format for the weekend was informal drinks on the Friday with a formal dinner on the Saturday.  The event was well supported by 19 ex boys in all and three of which had travelled from abroad to attend the function - Paul Roberts all the way from Oz, John Usher from Norway and John Chidlow from Portugal. Since our previous reunion we had successfully found a few more old boys who also attended and these were Jimmy Matthew, Mike (slash) Roberts, Mick O'Reilly and Alan Jebson.

As an escape from the bar and to give most a time to recover from Friday evening a golf match was held on the Saturday with the partnership of Mike Ormiston and Stu Harris convincingly beating Tam Keay and Garry Kilworth. Mike Ormiston was in such blistering form that some doubt existed regarding his declared handicap.! The remainder of the group took a trip to Melton Mowbray to sample the famous pork pies!

Following dinner presentations were made by reunion organiser Eddie Owen, Mike Ormiston and Garry Kilworth which provided fascinating insights into careers since Boy Service.  A very funny poem by author Garry Kilworth was written and narrated for the occasion, Most readers will relate to its content.! (see Poems from the Boys).

As dinner and presentations concluded we rose as one in a toast of rembrance to Stuart Jack, Alan Cake and George Bryant who all unfortunately have passed away since our last reunion. All enjoyed a wonderful weekend which clearly illustrated the strong bond of friendship fostered by Boy Entrant service 54 years ago.